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Very few companies or councils offer a bee control service - but we do from £60
We guarantee all our wasp treatments - so we will come out again for free if the first treatment fails
Get your wasp nest treated this summer from £45 - the cheapest around!
honey bees

Honey bees (as above) look very similar to wasps. If you call us out for wasps and it’s actually bees – then dont worry! We don’t charge a call out fee.

Bee control

MJ Pest control offers a professional, affordable bee control service across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland areas.

Why you may need to control bees

It is a common misconception that all bees are protected and it is illegal to eradicate bees. The fact is that it isn’t and in some circumstances they need to be controlled. As an environmental and ethically friendly company we’d always recommend not to eradicate any bees if they aren’t causing a problem. However we understand this isn’t always possible and in some cases bees need to be moved or eradicated, especially if there are little children around.

How to control bees

At first we’d recommend contacting a local beekeeper on the British Bee Keepers Association website to try and move the bees to another location. Only if a bee keeper is either unable or unwilling to deal with your problem should you consider a control programme. The best way to control bees is by treating the nest in a professional and legal manner. This should only ever be undertaken by a professional pest controller. MJ Pest Control delivers a professional, cheap and guaranteed bee control programme if this is the only option available, from only £30. For all wasp calls we’ll endeavour to come out and see you the very same day.

So if you have a bee problem and require some professional advice, then contact us today on 0116 271 3513 or 07806895592.

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